Youth Empowerment Programme

The Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Programme

The Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Programme is an international programme inspired by the Bahá'í Faith that is run in local communities gathering young people aged 11-15 from all backgrounds. At this stage in their lives the junior youth are in the process of transitioning from childhood to youth, shaping their identities, and experiencing rapid physical, intellectual and emotional changes.

Whilst society often looks at junior youth as a period of confusion and crises, the programme views them as selfless young people with ‘an acute sense of justice, eagerness to learn about the universe, and a desire to contribute to the construction of a better world’. The junior youth come together facilitated by an animator, someone who acts as an older friend and role model to them.

They progress through a series of books designed to help the junior youth identify factors that shape society and that enhances their intellectual powers, spiritual qualities, and ability to express themselves. Alongside this the animator helps the group to plan for and carry out ‘service projects’ that allow the junior youth to learn how to tangibly contribute to the well-being of society using their unique talents and capacities.

We currently have two groups running in Easton, both in Café Connect, on Sundays 3:00pm - 4:30pm.

You can also watch a video about the inspiration behind the programme and what it could look like:





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