The IF Group

The IF Group

The IF Group (Independent Futures) are a group of people with personal ‘lived experience’ of:

  • homelessness,
  • drug or alcohol dependency,
  • mental health problems and
  • offending.

They are 'Experts by Experience'. And they have been using this experience since 2012 to work with support services to improve how they work with people with 'complex needs'. By complex needs, we mean facing several major challenges at the same time. These major challenges usually include at least two out of the list above. They often include other challenges too.

The members of the IF Group are at the heart of the Golden Key Golden Key logoprogramme. This is a £10 million citywide eight-year partnership. It aims to open doors to hundreds of people in Bristol who are locked into never-ending cycles of deprivation and dependency due to support services failing to meet their full needs. Using their combined lived experience, the IF Group have worked together with service providers to find new ways of working. They contributed at all stages of the development of the Golden Key programme, from business planning, through recruitment and launch of this Big Lottery funded project. They continue to shape and define the programme.

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