We are not primarily a support organisation. Individuals and groups come to us in order to contribute. However, they also come on their own journey.  While supporting our members to contribute to our work, we also aim to empower them to live more fulfilling lives. This includes engaging in meaningful activities that may include moving towards paid employment. A large part of this help occurs informally; by being part of a community of people working together and supporting each other. And one of the most important things we can do is signposting to other sources of support, sometimes supporting our members to access them.  Learning also occurs while doing this. Again, we do not need to provide all the training that is needed ourselves. Especially where it is not directly linked to the activities of our members in fulfilling our aims. There are other suitable sources available.


We offer training internally and we work together with partners to make effective use of existing training opportunities. Increasingly we are finding that we have specialised knowledge and skills now too. And we are exploring how we can offer this to others.

Supervision & Support

There are structures for supervision and support within Bristol Reconnect. We have plans to expand these.

Supporting Innovation

Our members and groups we are linked with often come to us with new and innovative ideas. Where we can, we do our best to support these innovations.