Sharing circle for social change





**Drop-in Weekly Sharing Circle** for those involved in social change in whatever way - whether it's by getting informed, volunteering for a charity, working as a support or care worker, or a fultime activist, ....

Let's come together to talk about how that's going for us. How we're feeling, how close or far away we are from burn-out, about those times when we're feeling inspired!

- Opening circle, how is this week? How is it compared to the last?
- One-to-one sharing, focusing on a specific question
- One Tool for coping/supporting your emotional wellbeing whilst doing 'the work'
- Closing circle, how are you feeling now? And 1 random thing that you'll be doing later (to ground us after delving into feelings)

I guarantee:
- No details will be asked about what work/action you're involved in. We're focussing on the emotional content. You share what you want to share.
- You are free to come and just listen, and start sharing when you feel comfortable.
- I will work hard to create a safe space for all, and specifically for people of historically marginalised groups, and not accept any discrimination which results in the oppression of any other group;
this includes transphobia, racism, sexism, ablism, oppression on the grounds of religion such as islamophobia, classism, and other forms of oppression.
-> this will be restated every week, and I will be available before, during and after every session to address unspoke power dynamics.

- I'd like to ask a donation of £3 to give to the venue. Please give more if you can, or pay less. No one will be turned away for a lack of funds.

This event is drop-in, do come whenever you like/need!