Our base is on the vibrant St Mark's Road, at the heart of the inner city Easton area of Bristol. It is also a home for a number of projects. Some of these projects were originally set up by us; others have come and joined us. These projects can be grouped under the following headings:

Café Connect

Café Connect is a social enterprise, found on the ground floor of our base in Easton. The café uses its profits to support the work of Bristol Reconnect, and other (local) charities. During the day it is a local café. But, in the evenings there are events and pop-ups, each with their own distinctive style... Read more

Community Hub

We have created a hub in the community; a café, a garden, hot-desking spaces, a meeting room and offices. These spaces are available for use by people, groups and organisations in the local community. Some of these local groups and organisations use us as their base... Read more

Community Garden

We have transformed an uncared-for yard behind Cafe Connect. Thanks to local volunteers and the BBC, who put in many hours of work as part of the series 'Operation People Power'! Volunteers covered some of the asphalt with raised beds. And they painted the walls and built benches and tables... Read more


At the heart of our work is a commitment to ensuring that people facing severe and multiple disadvantages have influence. We involve them in services that support them. They are involved in the commissioning, development, decision-making and the running of local services. We want to make sure that their involvement is consistently seen as part of the solution... Read more

Expressing ourselves

Through Arts and media activities, we create opportunities for our members to express themselves. If you face severe and multiple disadvantages, your experience is largely unheard. Our focus is on putting people in charge of how they express themselves and are seen. We work with local artists and Arts organisations to do this. ... Read more


We are not primarily a support organisation. Individuals and groups come to us in order to contribute. However, they also come on their own journey.  While supporting our members to contribute to our work, we also aim to empower them to live more fulfilling lives... Read more