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Get involved

You can get involved by becoming a supporter, or a member of the team. Or just donate to support our work:


Become a supporter

We are a membership organisation. Our staff and long-term volunteers are all members. But it is also possible for you to become a supporter, by making a (regular) donation. We'll keep you informed about what we do. Also, we express our thanks for the support we receive from our members and supporters in various ways. Currently this includes, for example, occasional members-only events and 20% off most purchases in Café Connect (excluding some events).

Find out more about becoming a supporter, or if you'd just like to receive regular Newsletters by contacting us:

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Become a member of the team

Why not become a member of the team? Bristol Reconnect is largely run by volunteers, but there are also a few (part-time) paid posts. You can find the current paid and volunteer vacancies listed below. The volunteer roles listed, may not be the only ways to volunteer with us. Get in touch if you'd like to offer your time and skills in another way.

Paid roles

There are currently no vacancies for paid roles at Bristol Reconnect.


Café Volunteers

Would you like to help prepare and/or serve healthy, sustainably sourced food and drink, as part of creating a community hub and supporting the work of a local charity? We are looking for people who are interested in working front-of-house or in the kitchen in a community café. Find out more here.