About Us

About Us

A small group of people set Bristol Reconnect up in 2012. Many of us were living in homeless hostels in Bristol. We knew each other from another project that we had been involved in this together in 2011. And we wanted services to be informed by and built on personal lived experience. Having 'been there ourselves', we wanted to use our experience to make a difference.

Bristol Reconnect was born out of a positive experience of working together, and dissatisfaction with how some services worked. We had a vision of bringing about change. Many of that first small group are still involved. And many others, with and without personal experience, have since joined us. We are committed to making sure people with personal experience are in the majority at all levels of the organisation.

Key members of the team

Jonathan began his involvement with giving a voice to giving a voice to disadvantaged groups through community organisations nearly 35 years ago. In between he also became a therapist and group facilitator, specialising in complex needs; especially where mental health and criminal behaviour meet.


"I see my expertise as being mainly as a facilitator; supporting everyone to work well together, to appreciate the very different things we all bring to our work, and to challenge ourselves to give the best we can. Our work is about listening to people in the communities we work with. We listen out for voices that wouldn't otherwise be heard. And we support the people we work with to be at the heart of the changes they want to see. We need to be doing this within the team too, if we're going to reach out to the wider community." 

"I bring experience as a group therapist to my work. This experience includes ten years in a specialised secure clinic working with psychiatric patients deemed too complex and intractable to work with in other psychiatric hospitals. Prior to that I'd worked in community (arts) organisations (since 1983) and for the last fifteen years I've largely worked to give people with lived experience a voice in the services that work with them - mainly mental health service users and services working with people with 'complex needs'. I know the value of lived experience, and my own experiences of being homeless, of alcohol and substance misuse, and of requiring mental health support in my late teens and early twenties are part of what steers my work."

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