Bristol Reconnect

Bristol Reconnect

Dave Myers & Darren in the garden at Bristol Reconnect
Screenshot from BBC TV programme 'Operation People Power' (Episode 4), showing Dave Myers & Darren in our garden

Bristol Reconnect builds bridges between people who face severe and multiple disadvantages, and the wider community. These disadvantages include things like homelessness, addictions, mental health problems, imprisonment and other severe challenges. Bristol Reconnect enables people with these experiences to re-engage with their communities. And we help to build resilient communities that can engage with and create opportunities for their socially excluded members.

Bristol Reconnect is a peer-led charity. This means most of our members have faced the challenges they work with themselves. And Bristol Reconnect supports them to make a positive difference, and become active citizens. Many of our members volunteer in local services. They help to shape them. They work on the front-line, at management level and with commissioners, and with others who shape how services run.

We are different because we ensure that the expertise and experience that come first hand lead the way. And because of this, we find solutions that are otherwise missed.

Our base is on the vibrant St Mark's Road. It is also a home for other projects. We set some of these projects are up. Others came and joined us.